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        What is this Crucial Initiating Right View?

The Noble 8-fold Way, leading to Nibbāna, is simply this:

Right View
Right Motivation
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Awareness &
Right Concentration
But what is Right View ?

Right View is of Ownership of Kamma:
All beings are owners of their kamma, inherit their kamma,
are born of their kamma, are created by their kamma, are
linked to their kamma, and any intentional action (=kamma)
they do, whether good or bad, the effects of that will be
theirs only, following them like a shadow, that never leaves...
This is Right View.

Right View is of the Ten Phenomena:
Giving alms has good effects, any self-sacrifice results in pleasure,
small gifts are also beneficial. There is resulting fruition thus of any
good, and any bad behaviour. There is moral efficacy of any relation
to mother and father. There is this world, and there are other worlds.
There are beings, who are spontaneously, and instantaneously born.
There exist good and pure recluses, and monks in this world, who by
having followed the right method of practice, themselves by their own
supra-human abilities, have directly experienced these other worlds,
and who explain them, and thereby make them known here...
This is Right View!

         Right View of the 4 Noble Truths:
         Right view of: This is Suffering...
         Right view of: Craving is the Cause of Suffering...
         Right view of: Absence of Craving is the End of Suffering...
         Right view of: The Noble 8-fold Way leads to the end of Suffering...
         This is Right View!

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Further study on Right View:
Majjhima Nikāya 9. Sammā-ditthī Sutta: The Discourse on Right View:

Right View...

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