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What are the primary Components of Suffering?

At Savatthi. While seated, the Venerable Rādha asked the Blessed Buddha:

Venerable Sir, one says: Māra, Māra! What, Venerable Sir, is Māra?
Form, Rādha, is suffering, feeling is suffering, perception is suffering,
mental constructions are suffering, consciousness is suffering... !
Rādha, you should abandon desire, you should abandon lust, you should cease
all desire and all lust, for whatever is a state of Māra ...
for whatever is impermanent ... for whatever is of an impermanent nature ...
for whatever is suffering ... for whatever is of a painful nature ...
for whatever is non-self ... for whatever is of a selfless nature ...
for whatever is a state of destruction ... for whatever is a state of vanishing ...
for what-ever is a state of arising ... for whatever is of a nature to cease!
And what, Rādha, is of a nature to cease?
All form is of a nature to cease...
All feeling
is of a nature to cease...
All perception
is of a nature to cease...
All mental constructions
are of a nature to cease...
All consciousness is of a nature to cease...
Understanding this, Bhikkhu, a well instructed Noble Disciple experiences
disgust towards form, disgust towards feeling, disgust towards perception,
disgust towards mental construction, & disgust towards consciousness itself!
Experiencing disgust, he becomes disillusioned! Through disillusion his mind
is released. When it is released, he instantly knows: This mind is liberated,
and he understands: Extinguished is rebirth, this Noble Life is all completed,
done is what should be done, there is no state of being beyond this...

SN 23 24-34 III 199

See also how Buddha explains Rādha how to smash, scatter, & demolish being:

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Gaining one more womb, stranded on yet another placental afterbirth is no victory!

The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 23:24-34 III 199

Du = Bad, Kha = State, Duk+kha = Literally "Bad State"!

What is Suffering?

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