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Without Clinging one is fully Liberated!

The disciple Bhadrāvudha once asked the Blessed
How can one release all clinging?
By dispelling all craving, thereby all clinging is also released, because craving
causes clinging! Thus do absence of craving result in absence of clinging said
the Blessed One. Bhadrāvudha, where-ever above, below, across, and also in
between: Whatever beings grasp and cling to in the world, by that very thing
is they followed to death... Attaching to anything, means attaching to death!
Therefore, knowing this, seeing people clinging - even in panic - to this realm of
death, any aware and alert Bhikkhu would neither grasp, nor cling to anything
in the entire world. Seeing all those people, who habitually are very attached  
to many worldly things, and thus clutching to death's realm, he stills all craving.
By stilling all craving, all clinging is relinquished. No wanting means no Suffering!
Sutta-Nipāta 1101-04 Edited excerpt.

While dwelling detached the later ordained Bhadrāvudha became an Arahant!


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